Buy YouTube viewing hours: how and why

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Buying hours of watching Youtube is the right marketing solution that solves several important tasks at once. Thus, you will be able to promote not only personal, but also business channels, get more subscribers, views, likes and comments, increasing the status of your channel on the Internet. When determining the Youtube rating, the first and decisive factor is the indicators of “viewing time”. What does it mean? Youtube thus checks how much time a network user spends watching a particular video.

If your video is interesting, informative and useful, the user will not switch, but will spend as much time watching it as possible or, ideally, watch it to the end. Thus, Youtube defines your content as high-quality and promotes it in the rating, allowing other users to see it, making both the video and you more popular, adding new subscribers to you. Organically increasing this indicator is sometimes very difficult, so you can pay for youtube watch hours. There are really many advantages of such a purchase.

You can use the watch to monetize your channel, increase YouTube and Google search rankings, and you also get guaranteed delivery. It is also important to note that viewing hours are much more important to you than the number of views of your videos. To monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least 1000 subscribers on the channel. It will also take another moment to monetize your channel — 4,000 hours of YouTube viewing over the past twelve months. It is also important to know that for the calculation it is necessary that the video be publicly available, also if you delete the video or hide it, the hours of viewing such a video will not be taken into account. YouTube promotes and evaluates videos that have gained more hours of viewing.

It is important to note that factors such as basic optimization and the number of views also affect the rating. However, the viewing hours show how much your video is able to keep the audience watching as much of the video as possible. People have an incredibly short attention span. Therefore, the more hours of views you have, the more likely it is that the video gets into the ratings and more people will see it. And these are your potential subscribers who can give you likes and reposts, promoting your video and helping you to monetize it even more efficiently.

The most lucrative niches on YouTube are considered commercial, but they require a professional approach and gain views rather slowly, unlike entertainment channels. After all, what is more interesting to you? Watch how they work in the financial markets or watch a video with gags. Everyone’s answer may be different, but most of Youtube users will watch the jokes.

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